Re: Dragging to the Taskbar in Windows XP

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From: Aaron Crane
Subject: Re: Dragging to the Taskbar in Windows XP
Date: 20:40 on 25 Feb 2007
Dave Vandervies writes:
> Most windows I've dealt with behave differently on drag-and-drop
> depending on what part of the window you drop in.  Trying to guess
> what you meant would be far more hateful than giving you an easy way
> to bring the window to the front so you can drop it where you want it.

Ah, the old defence of "the software is hateful because it was designed
to be hateful".  In my book, that still makes it worthy of hate.

There's no reason why a Windows-like GUI couldn't have made this work as
users expect.  The only thing needed would be to allow applications to
specify the behaviour for drop events on their taskbar icon, just as
they currently specify differing behaviours for drop events on different
parts of their windows.

I don't know anything about Windows GUI programming, so I might be
wrong; but I suspect that a future Windows release could acquire this
functionality without affecting existing software (for which you'd
presumably get a variant of the existing stupid error message, with
additional text along the lines of "this application does not support
drag-and-drop to its taskbar icon").

Aaron Crane
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