Office printer hate

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From: peter f miller
Subject: Office printer hate
Date: 04:42 on 27 Feb 2007
So I open up a simple text document in Office to take a quick look at
something then I close the window to quit. The document closes but
before the application is gone up pops an error message:

        "The printer has not yet responded, but the Microsoft Office program
        may be able to proceed without printer information. Do you want to
        continue to wait for the printer?

        Yes         No"

Gee, let me think about that. I'm trying to quit because I'm done with
the document. I never tried to print anything and in fact there is no
longer any document open to print. Furthermore even if there was a
document open and I did want to print it, there is currently no
printer attached to my laptop for me to print the document to.

No, I think I'd rather not wait. Thanks for asking though. I mean it's
not like you have any useful clues you could use to guess what my
answer might be, right?

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