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From: richardc
Subject: rev 1468 - trunk
Date: 12:30 on 28 Oct 2003
Author: richardc
Date: 2003-10-28 12:30:24 +0000 (Tue, 28 Oct 2003)
New Revision: 1468

This code just doesn't do what it's meant to, and to do that would require more
than just one weak plugin.

Since this handgrenade was tossed in via irc, please pay note to this 

11:21 <@richardc> you know, that's a fucking retarded idea
11:22 <@muttley> because we'll get bounces and we won't know who they're coming 
11:23 <@richardc> yup, plus we're not verifying that those addresses are owned 
                  by the user who signed them up
11:25 <@muttley> good point
11:25 <@muttley> so perhaps a member has may addresses relationship might work
11:26 <@muttley> s/may/many/
11:26 <@richardc> you mean like was planned?
11:27 <@richardc> it still needs extra shit to nominate which one is used for 
                  which list
11:27 <@muttley> yeah

11:57 <@richardc> oh btw.  that module wouldn't do what jody wants it to
11:58 <@richardc> that just munges the To: header, which isn't right
11:59 <@richardc> what he wants is for delivery to be to a different address
11:59 <@muttley> hmm
11:59 <@muttley> you are indeed, as ever, a source of truth
11:59 <@muttley> I'll remove it from svn
12:00 <@richardc> what it should do is change $user->email
12:00 <@richardc> so that when Siesta::Plugin::Send actaully sends it out, it 
                  goes to the right place
12:01 <@muttley> doesn't that run the risk of permently changing the user's 
                 email address?
12:01 <@richardc> (and just hope nothing commits the change)
12:01 <@richardc> yarr, indeed it does

So in summary, no, fuck no, no.

Next time, make change requests via the mailing list, or with a patch.

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