[siesta-dev] mariachi release imminent

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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: [siesta-dev] mariachi release imminent
Date: 01:01 on 25 Apr 2003
Over on #siesta, we've mostly been playing with mariachi, because it
seems funner than actually writing a MLM in perl.

Tom and Simon have been doing some really good work[0] in fleshing out
the message navigation, and I think we're getting dangerously close to
a release.

It works really well, in a dogfoody manner:
   Note, not auto-generated as yet - I'm still manually invoking it,
   so there will be a lag.

As such I've put a couple of things into the TODO file, hoping that
sheer interia won't let it turn into a TODO tombstone.

I hereby claim the Build.PL thing, and a chunk of the internals docs,
and also doom myself by claiming the first installable release of the
code by next weekend.

Anything anyone feels a particular affinity towards on the TODO list?
Don't feel you have to volunteer right now, a surprise patch is as
good, if not better.

[0] even taking into account my tendency to periodically yell "No!
That's wrong" and rewrite things in my image.

Richard Clamp <richardc@xxxxxxxxx.xxx>

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