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From: David Landgren
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] Re: your mail
Date: 18:14 on 01 Jul 2004
Richard Clamp wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 01, 2004 at 03:07:02PM +0200, dakkar wrote:
>>I checked all the links from the homepage, and they all work as expected 
>>(no kind of error). I can only suppose that, when Thomas checked them, 
>>the pod-to-html CGI
> The pod2html thingy was busted, but that runs from my personal site
> which recently moved hosts and I hadn't noticed it breaking.  Grepping
> the logs didn't help with diagnosing it, which is
> why I was asking for the failing urls.
> *sigh*
> I'm on (an overdue) holiday from tomorrow evening, anything else will
> have to wait.

Well you know, the initial message that kicked off this thread was 
classified as spam by my copy of Thunderbird, something I find vaguely 
ironic. Have a good break away from the keyboard, Richard.


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