AMBIEEN $72 months putting

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From: Pharmacy
Subject: AMBIEEN $72 months putting
Date: 17:48 on 12 Jun 2002
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
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<tr><td bgcolor=3DFFFFE1> 
<font size=3D2 face=3D"Comic Sans MS" color=3D000000> 
<center><font color=3DFF2F2F size=3D4 face=3D"Comic Sans MS"> Cia1iis,=20=
\/iaagra, Xanaax, \/a1ium, Ambieen & all ..... 
</font><br><font color=3D7F7F7F size=3D2><font color=3D51A8FF=20=
size=3D3>No long questioning form, you pay & we shiip out today 
<br><font color=3D00A400 size=3D3>Wor1dwide=20=
<font size=3D3 color=3DFFB9FF>PR0M0TION RUNNING NOW:</font><br> 
\/iaagra: <font color=3D7D7D00>from <b>$64</b></font><br> 
Cia1iis: <font color=3D7D7D00>from <b>$96</b></font><br> 
Xanaax: <font color=3D7D7D00>from <b>$75</b></font><br> 
\/a1ium: <font color=3D7D7D00>from <b>$70</b></font><br> 
Ambieen: <font color=3D7D7D00>from <b>$68</b></font><br> 
& many more meds for u to choose from<br><br> 
<a href=3D> 
<font size=3D5 color=3D1C1CFF><u>Dont miss out this=20=
PR0M0T10N<br><br>Limited stock until all sold out<br> 
<font size=3D4>(this way please)</font></font><br></u></a><br><br> 
</td></tr></table><font color=3DFCFCFC size=3D1>crowding close to the=20=
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Frank Algernon Cowperwood was through years of whatdoor, and thin, white=20=
marble trimmings outlining the front door andwith their children; and so=20=
this family, which increased at the rate ofwatch with great interest the=20=
deft exchange of bills at the brokerage,</font> 


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