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From: Greg McCarroll
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] bug
Date: 11:16 on 24 Aug 2002
* Simon Wistow ( wrote:
> t/06database..............NOK 5#     Failed test (t/06database.t at line
> 15)
> #     The object isn't a 'Ima::DBI' it's a
> 'Siesta::Storage::Table::Lists'
> Had a quick look but nothing obvious sprung up. got to go to work.
> Hopefully more hacking next week.

the tests are passing on my machine (last time i checked) and i'm
afraid i dont have time today to look at it, however if someone does
this hurried explanation might help

	S::S::T::L inherits from S::S::T (it reads the config info
					  and sets up our usage of
	S::S::T inherits from Class::DBI
	Class::DBI inherits from Ima::DBI 

i check all these levels as i use methods in each of them

Greg McCarroll               

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