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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [siesta-dev] Configuration
Date: 14:29 on 25 Aug 2002
Basically, the plan is this :

At the moment I'm just going to do per list configuration.
Authentication will using .htaccess files at the moment. 

The plan would be - 

1. Present list of all, err, lists using 

	my $s = new Siesta::Storage::Table::Lists();

I think that's right. Bad Greg, no documentation.

Clicking on a list will take you to ....

2. A page that lists every plugin using the code snippet in index.cgi
(which will end up in Plugin.pm). This page will let activate or
deactivate plugins for the list and shift the order of the plugin up or
down. Clicking on a plugin will take you to ...

3. A plugin specific page. This will have a box that will let you
activate or deactivate the plugin (will check with Aussie Usability Guru
if this duplication is a good idea) and will also examine an arrayref
returned by the plugin - this will be of the form of hashrefs for each
key/value pair ...

	name        => 'Reply to Munging',
	key         => 'replytomunge',
	default     => '0',
	current     => '1', # not sure about this
	description => 'Whether or not to set the reply to
                        address of the list to the list address
                        or the sender list',
	type        => 'checkbox',  # could also be 
				    radio box(option1 option2 option3)
				    select(option1 option2 option3)
				    - yes this html centric but ...	
	validation  => { # coderef }, # optional, this will be passed
                                      the new value and will return 1
                                      if it's valid or 0 if it's not

From this it's easy to create a page with all the various options on it. 

More documentation on how the various APIs work would be nice :)


: third time's a charm

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