Re: [siesta-dev] SQLite 'issues'

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From: Greg McCarroll
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] SQLite 'issues'
Date: 19:31 on 26 Aug 2002
* Richard Clamp ( wrote:
> 2) Migrate to a different database (this also means using a different
> box for hosting as plough doesn't have mysql or postgresql on it, and
> may be unlikely to - Evil?)

there may be other reasons to move away from SQLite, every so often
something is either not there or not clear, e.g. DROP TABLE foo IF
EXISTS isn't there, `sequences' seem to be a non-standard area (but
thats also Class::DBI and RDBMS in general), etc. although i do like
the idea of file/perl based RDBMS for testing, maybe we need
Storage::SQLite (which inherits from DBI or DBD::*) to do the locking
or somesuch crap before executes - i don't have a black/white answer
to all of this

bah Perl is so fucking hacky

lets talk tommorow night at the DC lecture, i'll be the one shaking my
head at the world in general,


Greg McCarroll               

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