Re: [siesta-dev] Config committals

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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] Config committals
Date: 19:22 on 03 Sep 2002
On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 04:38:14PM +0100, Simon Wistow wrote:
> I've just committed a load of stuff that puts a config infrastructure in
> place.

Okay, I'm just caught up with my email backlog from the weekend oop
north and am left with an observation, and a question.

> Basically you do something like this 
> my $list_config = new Siesta::Config::List($list_id);
> $list->get('Namespace', 'key');
> $list->set('Namespace', 'key', 'value');
> and the same for user.
> however you can also do 
> my $list = new Siesta::List($list_id);
> $list->get_config('Namespace', 'key');
> $list->set_config('Namespace', 'key', 'value');

The observation: Now we have two different ways of accessing the list
database, one via Siesta::Storage (which is used by the existing
Siesta::List and Siesta::User code), and another via the
Siesta::Config hierarchy.

The question:  Wuh?

> There's tests and documentation committed as well.

Some of those tests rapidly fail because the new stuff relies on your
file existing, rather than using the one created by

Richard Clamp <>

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