[siesta-dev] how are things going?

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From: Greg McCarroll
Subject: [siesta-dev] how are things going?
Date: 14:44 on 07 Sep 2002
So how are we doing, last time i looked the anchor of storage had ground
things to a stop, have we burst free of its shackles like an wild eagle now?

Are we moving Simon's stuff to use more methods in Storage::*?

I'm going to implement a Storable::Volatile, that just uses Perl data
structures and i'd like ideas how we could run tests easily against
different Storage backends.

e.g. is there a particularly cunning way we can do something like

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test Volatile
	make test DBI

and maybe have it default to one or the other. i think making it run
the tests for every data store would be a little bit test fetishistic


p.s. are you guys going to dave's birthday bash tonight?

Greg McCarroll                         http://www.mccarroll.org.uk/~gem/

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