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From: Nicholas Clark
Subject: [siesta-dev] (unsub|sub|)
Date: 22:52 on 16 Sep 2002
On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 12:15:21PM +0100, Richard Clamp wrote:

> It's defaulting to foo-unsub (see bin/nach for the rest) for here it's
> siesta-dev-unsub@xxxxxxxxx.xxx

In some languages, sometimes the verb at the end goes.
But in English naturally the very somewhere near the start go should.

Joking aside, would it be possible to make the default be sub-foo@ and
I read somewhere (forget where sorry), a coherent argument that the choice
of putting the -subscribe and -unsubscribe at the end of the address was
wrong (well, sub-optimal)

People read words from the left, and tend to start skimming part way through
when they think they know what the word is. So


all look similar. Whereas


are blatantly different. Also it makes sense because some mailers helpfully
truncate the address after so many characters, and that often means that
the -subscribe suffix is in the part lost to truncation.

Or sub/unsub in this case. I presume it's possible to make sub/unsub work
both at the start and the end, providing the list isn't called sub or
unsub, but I feel that it would be good to encourage the front.

Nicholas Clark
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