Re: [siesta-dev] Dead already?

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] Dead already?
Date: 11:05 on 09 Oct 2002
On Wed, Oct 09, 2002 at 10:36:13AM +0100, Nicholas Clark said:
> It sure looks like one.
> Who are the main protagonists, and why do they feel the itch strongly
> enough to write a better mailing list manager?

I was bored. And I think that all the current MLMs suck to greater or
lesser degrees. An a easily installable replacement with easy (or
transparent migration tools) would rock very hard because it would be
much more flexible and adaptable than ezmlm, majordomo and mailman.

And I really got into it. And I enjoyed working on it. And I think it
could go somewhere. Unfortunately both Richard and I started new jobs
and moved house just after a first pseudo-release. 

I look at the TODO list and none of those is more than a days work apart
from the Web based interface. Simon Batistoni muttered something about
working on that but I suspect has been busy with work.

To turn the tables why aren't you guys doing anything. You contributed
to the wishlist but how about some code? </tongue in cheek-ness>

Personally, I think we should knock up a quick web page with automatic
generation of pages for TODO, HACKING, download of latest 'stable' and
'unstable' tar balls, and man pages from CVS and then announce to 

The worst that happens is that nobody picks up on it.

The best that happens is that it takes off.

There's stuff above here

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