Re: [siesta-dev] Re: problem with siesta mailing list signup

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From: Gavin Estey
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] Re: problem with siesta mailing list signup
Date: 18:38 on 09 Oct 2002
Simon Wistow <> wrote:
> at which point I get an error. So it appears that Email::Valid fails
> dismally.

My tests conclude this:

[gavin@chicken gavin]$ perl -MEmail::Valid;
print Email::Valid->address(''), "\n";
print Email::Valid->address('<>'), "\n";
print Email::Valid->address('blah blah <>'),


[gavin@chicken gavin]$ perl -MEmail::Valid -e 'print $Email::Valid::VERSION'

Siesta::Message should handle the case of Email::Valid returning undef.

I'll try to look at a patch for Email::Valid if I have time later.


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