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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] preferences
Date: 17:40 on 11 Oct 2002
On Friday, Oct 11, 2002, at 17:02 Europe/London, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> But I meant that if the stuff calling the Storage system knows that it 
> is
> "doing stuff" where it reads data, modifies it and then re-writes 
> data, then
> it needs to implement a form transactions to be robust.

Ah, I'm "on the same page now" (pesky meetings)

Yes, it's the Storage layers reponsibility to not corrupt things due to 
race conditions.  Currently we're using DBI which buys us this for free.

Actually DBD::SQLite has another interesting side effect - it doesn't 
allow simultaneous access so everything is getting serialised whether 
it likes it or not, but that's a different issue.

> (And I don't give a fuck for long term "well, they shouldn't do two 
> things at
> once" arguments. Short term, yes, valid. Long term, it will allow 
> lusers to
> shag systems. And admins will get pissed off and use something else.)

Wholeheartedly agreed with.

Richard Clamp <>

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