[siesta-dev] thoughts about web interface

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From: Gavin Estey
Subject: [siesta-dev] thoughts about web interface
Date: 23:03 on 13 Oct 2002
I started hacking at the web interface and got it working with the 
changes to the class structure (I just got show-lists / show-list from 
nacho done).

I started to think that this was a bad thing to do. It seems sensible to 
Siesta::Interface (better name?) which is used by nacho / web interface 
/ email interface. Then you could just write:

if (my $hr = $siesta->do($action)) {
    $t->process('template', $hr);  
} else {
    die $siesta->error;

nacho would then become a thin wrapper for this new class (as would the 
other 2 interfaces). I'm guessing it would work nicely using TT for all 
3 (this might be a bit of an overkill for nacho, but it would mean that 
somebody could easily translate all the email templates).

This would also mean that we could test things easily, and feel proud 
that we have a trendy MVC framework :)

Hopefully next week my server comes and I'm going to roll out siesta for 
a couple of small internal lists. I'll also pester our email guy to send 
an email from every client we test from build a little test suite so 
hopefully I can be sure that it will work (and not reject my Outlook 
Express messages etc).   


p.s. my boss is happy for me to hack on siesta, and it looks like we 
might be using it as a basis for our new mailer.

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