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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: [siesta-dev] MAKE MONKEYS FAST
Date: 20:37 on 15 Mar 2003
This is not a drill, it's much more of a mailing list.  If you'll cast
your eyes to CVS you'll see a changeset described thusly:

A metric ton of changes.

* All tables now have abstract id columns, so a users email address
  is now $user->email and a lists name is $list->name

* Storage methods take ids, not objects

* User/List methods try to be a bit less magical/vaired about
  what they take as parameters

Since modules and tests have been changed at the same time I expect
there to be many bugs, but those'll be squished RSN

In which I singlehandedly and bloody mindedly have rewritten chunks of
the code.

It's not the first of such changesets, because if I get my way then
tomorrow I'm releasing Siesta 0.5.  Almost regardless of it's state.

Along the way, several things'll happen:

* The main lists will move from plough to mirth, with the new names of
$foo@xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx.  This'll let us go full-bore on such
crack-fuelled things as a mod_perl or php based web frontend, and
maybe a mysql database backend, since plough can't/won't do some of

* I'll put a deferred actions system back in (since I just heartlessly
ripped it out from Siesta::Plugin::Subscribe), which'll give us back
the subscribe->confirm thing, but should also be flexible enough to do
a generic approval queue for things like MembersOnly and some kind of
Moderator only plugin. (yes, this should mean an end to the 419
spams, now stop asking :)

* Given sufficent time I'll figure out how to make Module::Build
install extra templates to $Siesta::Config::ROOT, if I can't then
they'll just have to get inlined into some .pm files.

Post the release we'll look at Simons shiny php frontend and see if we
can't reimplement it as a thin shim using Apache::Template or
HTML::Mason (you'll be allowed to argue about this *after* the
release, but I strongly suspect the winner will be the one with the

Okay?  Got that?  Good.  I've got a warm test suite to get back to.

Richard Clamp <richardc@xxxxxxxxx.xxx>

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