[siesta-dev] new tuit sink?

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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: [siesta-dev] new tuit sink?
Date: 20:50 on 09 Apr 2003
So I got bored, and fucked around with web archiving.

It's simple:

% wc -l *
     22 index.tt2
      2 message.tt2
     54 nameless
     78 total

It's fast:

[2003-04-09 20:45:32] richardc@penfold:~/siesta-trunk/web-archiver
% time ./nameless ~/Mail/2003/03/list_london.pm out
754 mails
./nameless ~/Mail/2003/03/list_london.pm out  10.38s user 0.43s system 100% cpu 10.801 total

It's ugly:


It's in subversion:


It needs to be christened:

Simon already had an idea for a name, but I forgot it.

Richard Clamp <richardc@xxxxxxxxx.xxx>

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