[siesta-dev] Email::Folder and Email::Folder::DetectType

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [siesta-dev] Email::Folder and Email::Folder::DetectType
Date: 22:58 on 13 Apr 2003
I've checked a first pass for Email::Folder (reading from various 
different email repositories) into the siesta svn tree. I don't imagine 
they'll stay there permanently but it seemed a good place for them

E:F:DT does naive guessing of the folder type. Currently it's based on 
the snippet of code from Email::LocalDelivery but I can imagine ti 
getting more sophisticated later and, as such, it'd be better off in its 
own module. I'm not in love with the name. In fact, I'm not in love with 
the module but it's easier to roll back in than it is to extract out 
later so ...

It needs tests.

E:F reads from mbox's and maildirs. It needs to cope with rmail, mh and 
the various mbox variants. It needs tests for maildirs.

E:F:Maildir could possible do with setting flags based on the flags set 
in the filenames of the Maildir or possibly just embedding the name as 
an X-Header. Or maybe not.


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