Re: [siesta-dev] fork and kill!

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From: Gavin Estey
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] fork and kill!
Date: 14:50 on 28 May 2003

> Class::DBI has good support for SQLite, via Class::DBI::SQLite.
> Class::DBI::SQLite will query sqlite_master and autoconfigure your
> classes based on the schema of the appropriate tables.

With Class::DBI::mysql you can call Class->set_up_table('table_name') and
it does a lot of the magic for you.

> I prefer the SQLite-based backend to the MySQL-based backend anyway --
> much less to configure and maintain.

I'm the opposite, I like all my databases to be all in one place so I can
things etc.

On a Class::DBI note, we're thinking about moving away from it at work due
to problems with it's Ima::DBI database handling causing headaches.  It
be nice to just be able to do a Class->use_dbh($dbh) or something.


There's stuff above here

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