[siesta-dev] fork and kill!

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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: [siesta-dev] fork and kill!
Date: 05:43 on 28 May 2003
For those watching the commitlogs you may have noticed a slight
disturbance in the force.

In the grand tradition of coming back to a previously discarded idea
and pretending like that was the plan all along, we're moving back to
using Class::DBI.  Non-rdbms storage will probably be catered for with
some variant of DBD::AnyData or SQLite pushed into play.[0]

Already the code much cleaner, but I'm currently having trouble
warping my mind to the tao of Class::DBI so I'm checking into a
branch.  If all goes well that should be merged back in and become the
mainline over the next few days.

If you want to pitch in on this part take a look at

[0] Though given just how long we've been meandering with only the
kludgful Storage::DBI, I'm getting doubtful of ever picking that up

Richard Clamp <richardc@xxxxxxxxx.xxx>

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