Re: [siesta-dev] list setup issues

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From: Gabor Szabo
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] list setup issues
Date: 22:33 on 31 Jul 2003
On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Richard Clamp wrote:

> Sure you can, you just need to give it a queue id.  So that'd be:
>  nacho set-plugins mambo sub Subscribe

thanks,  that works.

> >From perldoc nacho:
>   set-plugins list_id queue [ plugin [ plugin... ] ]
>   Set the list plugins to be the ones specified.
> Currently we're using post, sub, unsub, and maybe bounce queues.  The
> documentation could probably do with another working over to explain
> that more clearly/at all.

the UserGuide does not mention the queue where it shows this command.

and neither nacho nor the UserGuide mentions the queues and what each one
them does or what plugin can be placed in which queue.  I think.


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