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From: Gabor Szabo
Subject: [Mailman-Announce] [Fwd: [Mailman-cabal] Linux Expo UK 2003 - .Org Village Free Space for Mailman] (fwd)
Date: 05:39 on 03 Aug 2003
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Are you planning an official release of Siesta for that conference ?

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This sounds like an interesting opportunity to get some more Mailman
exposure.  I won't be able to attend, but if any of our UK or Euro
friends are planning to, would you be willing to volunteer a little time
at the booth?  If so, please let me and Brian know (I don't know what
all is involved, other than shouting at the top of your lungs every five
minutes: "Mailman Rocks!" :)

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Thanks to generous sponsorship space is available, FREE of charge, in the
.Org Village for Linux projects, groups & campaigns.

The Linux Expo UK 2003 will take place over two days, 8th and 9th October at
the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, UK.

This year the .Org Village will be the largest ever and split into three 
distinct areas: Campaigns, User Groups & Projects/Distributions.

Space is limited so please contact me (Brian Teeman) as soon as possible.
Your project/group/campaign will be provided with exhibition space including 
electrics, storage  etc.

This is a great opportunity to promote your project to a large audience at
minimal (no) cost, and also to help make the .Org Village a lively discussion
and meeting place for the Linux community.

Now in its fifth year, Linux Expo 2003 is the UKs largest exhibition and 
conference dedicated to this open source revolution. It brings together all
the major players in the Linux computing sphere to provide the definitive review
of all the latest products and services emerging around this rapidly developing 

For further details or to book your free space please contact me at 
brian@xxxxxxx.xxx or by phone on 0870 740 6575.

For further details on the exhibition see www.linuxexpo.co.uk

If you are not the correct person who would deal with this in your organisation 
please forward this e-mail to them and to anyone else who you think might be

Brian Teeman
uklinux.net - Sponsors of the .org Village.

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