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From: Ilya Martynov
Subject: Re: Installation process
Date: 12:40 on 17 Oct 2003
>>>>> "RC" == Richard Clamp <> writes:

RC> It should, because the default for
RC> $Siesta::Config::config->storage_dsn is
RC> 'dbi:SQLite:@@ROOT@@:/database' (see

RC> If something is causing that default to be undef instead then that's a
RC> different problem to be looked at, but I can't reproduce it here:

RC> % perl -MSiesta::Config -le 'print $Siesta::Config::config->storage_dsn'
RC> dbi:SQLite:/usr/local/siesta/database

It returns almost same for me:

ilya@juil:~$ perl5.9.0 -MSiesta::Config -le 'print $Siesta::Config::config->storage_dsn'

But 'nacho create-database' doesn't work.

Looking in source code Siesta::DBI uses @Siesta::Config::STORAGE list
which gets defined in Siesta::Config::load_from() which is being
called only if you have config file (even empty):

    __PACKAGE__->load_from( $CONFIG_FILE ) if -e $CONFIG_FILE;

It seems if you don't have config file even if defaults are defined
they are not used.

I've just tried to create empty config file and 'nacho
create-database' worked

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