a few comments on Plugins

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From: Gabor Szabo
Subject: a few comments on Plugins
Date: 20:44 on 22 Nov 2003
What happens (or what should happen) if I try to add a
a plugin to a queue where it is not appropriate ?
Is there such thing at all ?
e.g. what will do the SubjectTag  in the 'sub' queue ?

I think I cannot set the personal preferences for the subject tag.
I have
- subjecttag : [Mambo]

> /usr/local/perl580/bin/nacho modify-plugin SubjectTag mambo subjecttag
'[Mambo tuk]' 'gabor@xxx.xx.xx'

Personal preferences for member gabor@xxx.xx.xx on list mambo
 - subjecttag : [Mambo tuk]

but then

[siesta@pc10 siesta]$ /usr/local/perl580/bin/nacho describe-plugin
SubjectTag mambo
Preferences for list mambo
 - subjecttag : [Mambo]

and if I send e-mail to the list all member, including gabor@xxx.xx.xx
get the same [Mambo]  tag.

Is it maybe because of the order of the plugins ?
post plugins: SubjectTag Archive Send
sub plugins: Subscribe
unsub plugins: UnSubscribe


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