Siesta Pipelines (was Re: [yapcom] [patch] YAPC::Talk - make more use of Class::DBI)

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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: Siesta Pipelines (was Re: [yapcom] [patch] YAPC::Talk - make more use of Class::DBI)
Date: 15:52 on 24 Nov 2003
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On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 05:07:15PM +0200, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> BTW earlier I had this on the yapcom-commit list,
> post plugins: Archive Send SubjectTag
> and indeed it did not add subject tag which was actually
> good because my post-commit script already added one but this
> is something that will drive people crazy finding out the
> correct order of the Plugins.

Well it's a pipeline, I don't know if we've that phrase enough
in the documentation to fix it into peoples minds, if not then I
should probably go back and smack it about some more.

I personally like that you get to pick when to apply a plugin, as it
allows you to do cheap exclusions first like the hypothetical pipeline:

post: MembersOnly SpamAssassin Archive ListHeaders Send +SubjectTag

SpamAssassin checks are probably very heavy, so by doing the lighter
MembersOnly test you may be able to catch the vast majority of spam
just by scrutinising the claimed message source.

Also it lets you keep your Archive cleaner by not applying the munging
transforms ListHeader and SubjectTag until after it's been safely
squirrelled away.

That said, I can see the call for a C<nacho lint> or something that
checks for plugins out of their expected order (like any non-personal
munger after Send), but that does require either explicit knowledge of
certain plugin classes, or bolting extra metadata onto them.

Richard Clamp <>

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