how to undo a 'nacho create-database'?

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From: David Landgren
Subject: how to undo a 'nacho create-database'?
Date: 18:37 on 31 Mar 2004
Hello list,

I finally found the time to install Siesta. The goal is to replace an 
aging Majordomo (en franšais) on the french Perl Monger machine and move 
all the lists over.

The machine is running FreeBSD 4.7 (yeah, need to upgrade that too) and 
I have Postgresql installed on the machine. Pg consumes most of the 
available semaphores on the system, so I had to recompile the kernel to 
bump up the setting from the default value (of 61 or some weird value) 
to 128.

I set up a database and added the necessary ACLs in order to get Siesta 
to use Pg instead of SQLite. I ran 'nacho create-database' and it failed 
with an error about Siesta::List or something. I edited siesta.conf 
straight after and hence managed to wipe out the exact message.

In siesta.conf I commented out the storage_{dsn,user,pass} values and 
then was able to run 'nacho create-database' successfully. I still get 
the warning...

[]:/home/siesta# nacho create-database
Ambiguous call resolved as CORE::require(), qualify as such or use & at 
/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/UNIVERSAL/ line 48.

... though.

The question for today is... how to I delete the database in order to 
try again with Pg, in order to report the error (it might be because I 
didn't explicitly grant the Pg user siesta the right to create tables).


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