Re: [siesta-dev] Send patch for discussion

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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] Send patch for discussion
Date: 21:39 on 05 Apr 2004
On 5 Apr 2004, at 20:19, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> You could use the message itself as the hash key. It won't use any more
> RAM (in fact it will use slightly less, because you don't need to 
> store it
> as a value in the hash) and I think it will be about as efficient.

Doh - I forgot keys could be multiline.  Thanks.

I've made that change, but in order to save that last bit of memory on 
the anonymous hash and a key I'd need to change the implementation of 
Siesta::Send::*->send so that they can accept either an object that you 
can call ->as_string on, or a plain scalar.

I'm slightly reluctant to write code that changes behaviour like that, 
especially as it may be a little premature.

Richard Clamp <>

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