I just installed a siesta

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From: dakkar
Subject: I just installed a siesta
Date: 20:24 on 20 Apr 2004
Hi all!
I just finished setting up siesta on my home box.
My setup is not really straightforward, so I'll tell you what I have 
done so that if any of you spots a big mistake or a way to do it more 
easily, I can begin understanding the whole thing...

- my domain, thenautilus.net, is managed by my ISP, and they also 
receive all the mail for that domain
- I get that mail via POP3 with a Perl script that then passes each 
message through procmail
- on my box I run qmail
- I told qmail that thenautilus.net is local, and that mail for all 
accounts on that domain is to be delivered to dakkar (my account on my 
home machine). These also run through procmail
- I said
   $ nacho create-list anime dakkar@xxxxxxxxxxx.xxx 
anime@xxxxxxxxxxx.xxx anime-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx.xxx
   $ nacho set-plugins anime post Debounce ListHeaders ReplyTo Send
   $ nacho modify-plugin ReplyTo anime munge 1
- I added 'anime' and 'anime-bounce' to the mail system of 
thenautilus.net, forwarding all mail to my main account 
- in my .procmailrc I said:
   # mail from people to the ML: give to tequila
   * !^X-Been-There
   * !^List-
   * ^TO.*anime@thenautilus\.net
   | /usr/bin/tequila post anime
   # mail from the ML for me: deliver to my maildir
   * ^X-Been-There
   * ^List-Id: anime
   * ^TO.*anime@thenautilus\.net
- I added the recipients to the ML

Now it seems to work: I can send mail from my machine (qmail-smtpd -> 
qmail-send -> qmail-lspawn -> qmail-local -> procmail -> tequila -> 
delivery) and from the outside (my-pop3-script -> procmail -> tequila -> 
delivery); my qmail logs say that all remote addresses accepted the 
message, I had no loops in a couple of tests... should I worry? ;-)

	Dakkar - <Mobilis in mobile>
	GPG public key fingerprint = A071 E618 DD2C 5901 9574
	                             6FE2 40EA 9883 7519 3F88
	                    key id = 0x75193F88

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