broken log function

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From: Mark D. Anderson
Subject: broken log function
Date: 02:24 on 26 Sep 2004
Unless I'm unusually dyslexic today, function log() in
should not be:

    print $logger "$date $message $level\n"
      if $level >= $config->log_level;

either that "if" should be an "unless", or that ">=" should
be a "<=".

also, why that particular argument structure for the
log function? why not ($self, $level, @message) like
every other log function on the planet?
and why name the function "log" for that matter,
when there is a builtin function by that name
that takes the natural logarithm?
oh, and what's the point of $CONFIG_FILE in
that nobody pays any attention to -- for example
if somebody wanted to actually change the value
of, say, log_level....



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