Re: [siesta-dev] package "Class::Accessor" is empty

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From: Bowen Dwelle
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] package "Class::Accessor" is empty
Date: 21:34 on 14 Oct 2004
Actually, I am setting it; libs in that path _are_ being found under 
procmail; it's the rest of @INC that isn't being found...

anyhow, I got it working by installing some more modules locally. on to 
bigger things...


Richard Clamp wrote:
> On 14 Oct 2004, at 19:59, Bowen Dwelle wrote:
>> I have lots of my modules that Siesta requires installed in
>> /home/bdwelle/lib. I have
>> PERLLIB=/home/bdwelle/lib:/home/bdwelle/lib/i386-linux set in my shell,
>> and nacho, tequila work fine from the shell. They must be picking up
>> Class::Accessor from somewhere else in @INC, indeed
>>   %ENV:
>>     PERLLIB="/home/bdwelle/lib:/home/bdwelle/lib/i386-linux"
> This is unlikely to be set when you're running under procmail.
There's stuff above here

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