Re: [siesta-dev] prefixing tablenames?

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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] prefixing tablenames?
Date: 13:32 on 19 Oct 2004
On 19 Oct 2004, at 13:04, Richard Clamp wrote:
> The change should be to add a set_up_table to Siesta::DBI which can 
> chain up via SUPER to the real Class::DBI::$foo->sup_up_table, not to 
> hack all the database classes.

Oh, also it should be using $config->table_prefix, not 
$Siesta::Consig::SOMENEWTHING as the current head doesn't even use 

Of course, we really need to sync with CPAN, because the Siesta::Config 
hackaround is only in the trunk, which is going to be a pain in the 

Richard Clamp <>

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