Re: [siesta-dev] mail forwarding loop

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From: Bowen Dwelle
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] mail forwarding loop
Date: 17:20 on 10 Nov 2004
Richard Clamp wrote:
> If you try and start another thread by finding an old message and 
> hitting reply I'm going to hunt you down and slap you.

Excuse me?

As a programmer, I realize the usefulness of In-Reply-To, but replying 
to an existing message also happens to be my most common way of replying 
to a list, new topic or old. I expect that I'm not by any means the only 
person who does that.

How would you expect a normal user to know (or care) that the system 
doesn't know how to deal with that behavior?

> Just look what you're doing to the archives: 
> let alone what 
> you're doing to everyone with an MUA that understands In-Reply-To for 
> threading.

Ugly indeed. At the very least an avviso to new list members to be aware 
of In-Reply-To would be in order. More useful would be a threading 
system that didn't get horribly confused by common user behavior.

> At the very least you should realise that it makes it hard for me to 
> help you, because I can't usefully seperate your problems out from each 
> other.

Any help is much appreciated. Hackers are users too; don't expect users 
to understand software. Software should work for users, not the other 
way around.

I'm sure this has already been discussed a million times in other 
forums, but shouldn't Subject supersede In-Reply-To for threading?

-- Bowen
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