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From: Jonas Liljegren
Subject: mariachi usage
Date: 18:37 on 07 Oct 2005
How is Mariachi supposed to be used?

Should I construct a crontab with:

mariachi -i /usr/local/siesta/archive/frame \
          -o /usr/local/mariachi/archive/frame \
          -n "Frame Archive"
mariachi -i /usr/local/siesta/archive/perl \
          -o /usr/local/mariachi/archive/perl \
          -n "Perl Archive"
mariachi -i /usr/local/siesta/archive/test \
          -o /usr/local/mariachi/archive/test \
          -n "Test Archive"

It seems to parse all messages even without the -r option

How is  /usr/local/siesta/archive/ supposed to work?

I imported a mailinglist (perl) and all messages resides in 

Should somehting be done to move them from new to any of the other dirs?

/ Jonas  -

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