Re: the dev list is a go

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From: Greg McCarroll
Subject: Re: the dev list is a go
Date: 07:52 on 23 Aug 2002
* Richard Clamp ( wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 12:03:58PM +0100, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> > yes, but for bounce, subscribe and unsubscribe they may not need to be
> > editable by the mailing list managers as they will probably be fixed
> > queues of only 1 or 2 plugins
> Good point.

Talking about the subscribe plugin, i'm assuming we are not going to
do any email comfirmation as comfirmation is done in the user account
creation bit?

> I've been very slack at hacking on this today, Matt sidetracked me
> with PPerl issues, but have these first two done, in prototype at
> least.

i'm going to try and add subscribe/unsubscribe this morning, i too was
rather slack

> This list should now be archived, we just need a way to webify
> maildirs (or for someone to rewrite to output something
> else and webify that).

i'll have a look at this as well


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