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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: [siesta-dev] Hit list.
Date: 23:17 on 14 Sep 2002
I'm declaring stop on new code right now, apart from for these things.

Documentation.  The api docs suck ass.  There isn't any documentation
for all this new-fangled stuff in Siesta::Message so I still don't
know what ->bounce does.  Also nacho and tequila need real manpages,
even if they just refer to Siesta::UserGuide.

Installing stuff.  I see there have been some docs going in that
explain what the installation routines don't do for you.  This strikes
me as patching in the wrong direction.

Siesta::Storage::DBI - works well enough, but there's entirely too
much duplicated code, and the config stuff that lives there is still
too clever.

Siesta::Send::*->process.   Um, process seems like the wrong verb.
How does C<send> sound?

Siesta::Plugin::Send now munges every message it sends out because
that's how Siesta::Message->{to, from} work.

Siesta::Message->{reply,send} fatally munge the message body and
headers, which prevents me doing something cool like:

  if ( $swearwords_in_message > $threshold ) {
      return 1 if $user->config(list => $list, 'cautioned');
      $user->config(list => $list, cautioned => 1);
      $message->reply( from => "list-nanny", body => <<END );
Hi, your message has been allowed through this time, but if you
swear again on list it'll be dropped on the floor.

Test coverage sucks ass.

There are other little bits, but once the api docs are all in place
then I think everything will get a little smoother as the intent of
the code can start to align a little better.

Richard Clamp <richardc@xxxxxxxxx.xxx>

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