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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [siesta-dev] bandito
Date: 14:36 on 25 May 2003
Python::Serialise::Marshal is done and up on CPAN. It seems to be able 
to read Mailman config files speedily and correctly.

This is a good thing.

This also means I can write Bandito[0] - the tool for stealing Mailman 
config - which will inevitably lead to world domination. Mu hahah. Muuu 
hah hah hah. Mu hah.

Anyway, I was looking at a dump of a typical mailman config and 
indentified these features which need to be emulated.

Automatically bounce mail with certain headers
Set reply address of list
List owner
News gateway
ReplyTo munging
User options (no mail/html mail/text only)
Auto respond time out period (for subscribing)
Web page url
Bounce handling
Users (and passwords in plain text, bad Mailman)
Acceptable user aliases
Max message size
Notify admin(s) on membership changes
Digest members
Unsub message
Subject prefix
Mail footer (bumpf to add to end of the mail)
Must be mailed to list
Private (i.e is it advertised)
Membership must be approved

Some of these we already have corresponding plugins for.

Anybody think of anything else?


a compiler chain ate my soul

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