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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] bandito
Date: 09:16 on 27 May 2003
On Sun, May 25, 2003 at 02:36:53PM +0100, Simon Wistow wrote:
> Python::Serialise::Marshal is done and up on CPAN. It seems to be able 
> to read Mailman config files speedily and correctly.


> Anyway, I was looking at a dump of a typical mailman config and 
> indentified these features which need to be emulated.

Comments are where stuff probably would live, based on a quick think.

> MembersOnly
> Automatically bounce mail with certain headers

Is that the same as just dropping things with X-Loop set?

> Set reply address of list

Config of ReplyTo

> List owner

list.owner - or does that mean something else?

> Moderated

New plugin

> News gateway

Finish the NNTP plugin

> User options (no mail/html mail/text only)


> Auto respond time out period (for subscribing)

Defer queue has an expiry date, just need to inspect/purge that.

> Web page url
> Bounce handling
> Users (and passwords in plain text, bad Mailman)

Well we're going to do that same way - it's simpler for users if we do
"I've forgotten my password, what was it" rather than "I've forgotten
my password, generate me a new random stream of crap I can forget again"

> Acceptable user aliases

IIRC mailman just has a per-list 'and these addresses are allowed',
which I irrationally don't like.

> Max message size
> Notify admin(s) on membership changes

Happens on subscribe, dunno about unsub.

> Digest members

Argh, the pain!

> Unsub message


> Subject prefix


> Mail footer (bumpf to add to end of the mail)
> Must be mailed to list


> Private (i.e is it advertised)
> Membership must be approved

Of those last two the previous is fine as a property of list, but the
latter gives me pause for sticking it there.  Probably it's a config
option to the Command/Subscribe plugin.

> Some of these we already have corresponding plugins for.
> Anybody think of anything else?

Was that a mailman version 1 or 2 feature set?

Richard Clamp <>

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