Re: [siesta-dev] announce, and some noodlings

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From: Richard Clamp
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] announce, and some noodlings
Date: 16:06 on 01 Sep 2003
On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 04:47:44PM +0200, Allan Joergensen wrote:
> (By global I mean is it posible to have both and

Yes, no, and maybe.

<caveat>The List thing is currently a bit messy</caveat>

Lists have a name property.  List names have to be unique within a
Siesta install, since there's a uniqueness constraint on the table (or
should be, check Siesta::DBI for the actual answer on that), and also
because we default some things for the Archive plugin based on the
list name.  

We also use the list name (rather than its id) in invoking tequila,
and so starting off the entire system, so that's the

 foo: |/usr/local/bin/tequila post foo


However, that's just the internal name of the List object, and so in
theory you can do:

 nacho create-list foo_bar ... ... ...
 nacho create-list foo_baz ... ... ...

And hand-tweak the aliases rather than just blindly following what
nacho tells you to use, so instead you knock out: "|/usr/local/bin/tequila post foo_bar" "|/usr/local/bin/tequila post foo_baz"

Or whatever works for your MTA.

Now one of the undocumented plans[0] I have is to make a Domain/Server
class which knows about domains and web setups and the like.  Then we
make a change so a List has-a Domain, and some of the internal
ickiness in the List class can fall to the wayside.

But that's definitely not on the cards yet, since it's database

[0] In that it doesn't seem to be in TODO, but I have certainly
mentioned it before.

Richard Clamp <>
There's stuff above here

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