Re: [siesta-dev] announce, and some noodlings

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] announce, and some noodlings
Date: 16:07 on 01 Sep 2003
On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 04:47:44PM +0200, Allan Joergensen said:
> (By global I mean is it posible to have both and

It's easy to have a list receive mail from multiple domains merely by 
putting the standard piping Juju across multiple alias files. 

% grep 'list'
list:        "|/usr/local/perl580/bin/tequila post   list"

% grep 'list'  
list:        "|/usr/local/perl580/bin/tequila post   list"

Alternatively you can have the same address going to different lists on 
different domains.

% grep 'list' 
list:        "|/usr/local/perl580/bin/tequila post   list-foo"
% grep 'list'
list:        "|/usr/local/perl580/bin/tequila post   list-bar"

There's no reason why Siesta couldn't be adapated to have non unqiue 
list names. We'd have to have uniqueness constraint under SQLite. 

The problem is that the command tools (well, certianly nacho) rely on 
the user identifying the list they're working on using the list-name not 
the id (if it exists, I don't think it does under SQLite) but that would 
be quite easy to to change.

In fact with Jody's rewrite of nacho it would be possible to specify a 
list using either. 

% nacho show-users list=siesta-dev

% nacho show-users listid=1

or something.

I'm tired so this may all be wrong.


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