linking with other systems; MySQL mail archive?

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From: Bowen Dwelle
Subject: linking with other systems; MySQL mail archive?
Date: 17:55 on 14 Oct 2004
Now that I have a basic install working, here's a more interesting

I'd like to integrate Siesta with an expanded 'member' table -- that is,
integrate it with an existing user database where the member table
contains a bunch of other fields, and is used for membership beyond the
scope of mailing lists. I could easily add the few fields that siesta
requires to my member table, or vice versa. "Registration" and list
admin would be handled though my own site UI...

Also, I see that Archive uses Email::LocalDelivery, which can store to 
MBox & Maildir -- how about a MySQL mail store (using Email::Store?) ?

Any thoughts? Bad idea(s)?

-- Bowen
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