Re: [siesta-dev] merged... Config not reading siesta.conf

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From: Bowen Dwelle
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] merged... Config not reading siesta.conf
Date: 22:25 on 09 Nov 2004
Said another way, how can I get to read the default config 
file on startup, without having to invoke load_from() from the calling 
program? My old version of loaded itself in a BEGIN block, but 
that seems to have been removed in the trunk.

Bowen Dwelle wrote:
> Argh. Looks like I need to merge with the trunk. OK... done... sortof.
> Hmm. It looks like still hardcodes the homedir instead of 
> using $HOME, and it also doesn't read the siesta.conf unless told 
> explicity to load_from(). I don't understand, why have a config file if 
> it's not read by default?
> -- Bowen

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