Re: [siesta-dev] prefixing tablenames?

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From: Bowen Dwelle
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] prefixing tablenames?
Date: 00:19 on 16 Oct 2004
Darren Chamberlain wrote:
> * Bowen Dwelle <bowen at> [2004/10/15 08:19]:
>>Simon -- thanks for the pointers. I could certainly hack up Siesta with 
>>$prefix -- and I may, in the short run, but doing it via Class::DBI 
>>sounds like the right way. Unfortunately, that's _way_ beyond my level 
>>of expertise.
> You might be able to do it like so:
>   package My::Class::DBI;
>   use base 'Class::DBI';
>   My::Class::DBI->set_db(...);
>   use constant TABLE_PREFIX => 'my_';
>   sub table {
>       my ($class, $table_name)  = @_;
>       __PACKAGE__->SUPER::table(TABLE_PREFIX . $table_name);
>   }
> And then in the subclasses:
>   package My::Class::DBI::Foo;
>   use base 'My::Class::DBI';
>   My::Class::DBI::Foo->table('foo');
> I haven't tested this or anything, of course, just brainstorming.
> (darren)

Almost... It turns out that (at least in this case) I don't need to 
override Class::DBI::table().

I added this to

sub TABLE_PREFIX { return 'siesta_'; }

...hacked init_db to replace a token in the create_database SQL with the
output of the stub above, and then changed the six data object classes 
to do

__PACKAGE__->set_up_table(  __PACKAGE__->TABLE_PREFIX() . 'list');

instead of


...and that seems to do it!

PS I did the same for Email::Store, adding the prefix sub to 
Email::Store::DBI, and the similar things to the data object classes. 
The only real ugliness is hacking Class::DBI::DATA::Schema to
	my $prefix = Email::Store::DBI->TABLE_PREFIX();
	$sql =~ s/TABLE_PREFIX_/$prefix/sg;

which I know isn't right at all, but I don't how to look in the right 
place in the calling stack or whatever... It's temporary; I'm sure 
someone will be able to advise how to fix this.

-- Bowen
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