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From: Bowen Dwelle
Subject: mail forwarding loop
Date: 18:07 on 09 Nov 2004
I'm sure this is something simple... I send mail to, where a catch-all alias sends it to my account.

.procmailrc does this:

# test-list
* !^X-Been-There
* !^List-
* ^TO.*test-list@admonsters\.org
| $HOME/bin/tequila post test

which causes the message to be distributed correctly to the members of 
the "test" list. However, is also a member of that 
list, and when the mail comes in a second time, it gets bounced due to a 
mail forwarding loop. The headers that should prevent this are there:

> To:
> Subject: [admonsters-test] test 3 to test list
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
> Lines: 3
> X-Been-There:
> List-Id: test <>
> List-Help: <>;
> List-Unsubscribe: <>;
> List-Subscribe: <>;
> List-Post: <>;
> List-Owner: <>;
> List-Archive: NO

and procmail is seeing them:

> procmail: Match on ! "^X-Been-There"
> procmail: Match on ! "^List-"
> procmail: No match on "(^((Original-)?(Resent-)?(To|Cc|Bcc)|(X-Envelope|Apparently(-Resent)?)-To):(.*[^a-zA-Z])?).*te
> st-list@admonsters\.org" why is it still looping? There seems to be something upstream that 
determines it's a loop. Any way to get around this? I suppose I could 
have a seperate account that only handles lists...

-- Bowen
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