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From: dakkar
Subject: Re: [siesta-dev] mail forwarding loop
Date: 21:45 on 09 Nov 2004
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Bowen Dwelle wrote:
> I'm sure this is something simple... I send mail to 
>, where a catch-all alias sends it to my account.
> .procmailrc does this:
> # test-list
> :0:
> * !^X-Been-There
> * !^List-
> * ^TO.*test-list@admonsters\.org
> | $HOME/bin/tequila post test
> which causes the message to be distributed correctly to the members of 
> the "test" list. However, is also a member of that 
> list, and when the mail comes in a second time, it gets bounced due to a 
> mail forwarding loop. The headers that should prevent this are there:
I use a similar setup: the list address is an alias for my mailbox, I 
then get the messages via POP3 and pass them through procmail. My 
recipes are as following:

* !^X-Been-There
* !^List-
* ^TO.*listaddress@domain\.com
| /usr/bin/tequila post listname
* ^X-Been-There
* ^List-Id: listname
* ^TO.*listaddress@domain\.com

which is mostly identical to yours...

BTW, the messages you posted from your procmail do not seem to relate to 
messages from or to the list: they say the address was different...

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