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From: Joshua Hoblitt
Subject: hierarchical list membership
Date: 22:08 on 10 Jan 2005
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Hi Folks,

Has any thought been giving to allowing the membership of a list be defined in
terms of lists?  Eg.

    You have 3 mailing list.  insects, birds, mammals.
    And you want a list that encompasses those other thee lists: animals

    A new member of insect should automatically become a member of animals.  The
    inverse should be true as well, if a member is removed from insects it should no
    longer be a member of animals.

The current way I've been doing this (with Mailman) is to manually
subscribe/remove co-workers (err, animals) to each list they need membership
in.  Trying to synchronize all this can get really ugly when you have more then 2
tiers of relationships between lists.

If no-one else has considered this, what would be the best way to go about
implementing this?




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